I Wish I Was Somewhere Tropical Punch

I Wish I Was Somewhere Tropical Punch

With this wacky weather causing chaos all across our Nation I thought it would be nice to have a little taste of something tropical. Hence the title “I Wish I Was Somewhere Tropical Punch”.  Besides the fact, that it's been since January 2020 that I have actually stepped foot on a beach and filled my lungs with that glorious ocean air. All thanks to Covid for shutting us down completely by March (That B). Let me take you back in time to how this delicious little drink of mine came about. With Vacations being canceled and with the realization that the kiddos were going to be cooped up at home for the duration of the Summer. I made the executive decision to buy us an above ground pool. I bought it super early, as soon as I saw that ad pop up on Sam’s Club. I think sometimes I have a 5th sense or ESPN or something because I just knew that above ground pools were going to be the next toilet paper.



Far from tropical and stuck in the middle of the hot AF Vegas desert, I was looking for ways to enhance the "mini-escape" element to our backyard. I bought pink flamingo and pineapple pool floaties from Target. Stole my husband's Bluetooth speaker from his garage. I ordered a solar-powered light-up tiki volcano chlorine floater. I even tried to order a cascading water fountain to float in the middle of our pool. Which arrived without instructions and I ran out of patience to try and figure it out so it went back the same day. It was setting up to be a not so bad summer after all. However, as you can image being stuck home with three boys means no peace. 

Screaming, splashing, and being dunked over from my pineapple float for the last time, I resorted to spending my days observing far enough away to not get a cup full of pool watered-down diet coke. I spent my time with one Airpod in listening to my audiobooks and daydreaming of a cocktail waitress bringing me some colorful fruity delicious alcohol-laced drink poolside. Wine, beer, and seltzers were starting to bore me, all I wanted was something tropical and fun! I set out to my kitchen to see what Frankenstein concoction I could come up with this time.

At the time, Sam’s Club was allowing you to pick up alcohol curbside. As a lockdown pastime I would scroll through the products and add things to my cart that I had no intention of buying just to empty my cart and do it again. That’s how I discovered two flavors of Moscato, Mango and Passion Fruit. I bought both and either flavor works wonderfully in this recipe, so don’t be afraid to buy both and see which one you like better! 

Now after all my babbling we have arrived at the moment you have all been waiting for.

First, I need to apologize because there is no well thought out measurements here, I eyeballed everything. If I have the patience maybe I'll update this at a later time with actual measurements. So here it is, the recipe for I Wish I Was Somewhere Tropical Punch!

Here's the things you'll need:

  1. Fanta Pineapple 
  2. Malibu Coconut Rum 
  3. Mango or Passionfruit Moscato 
  4. Ice 
  5. Strawberries, sliced for garnish 

First, you fill your glass about 1/2 of the way with ice.

 Second, pour in the Moscato to about the halfway point of your cup. 

Third, pour in the Malibu until your cup is about 3/4 full.

Fourth, top off the rest of your cup with Pineapple Fanta.

Last, throw a few sliced strawberries in for garnish and gently stir. Tip: Eat them last after they have soaked in the alcohol for a bit. 

Careful! It’s strong. Adjust to your preferences and remember to drink responsibly. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!



Drink responsibly and check out my link in bio for more fun! ##covidsummer ##applepinedesigns ##moscato ##pineapplefanta

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