Engraved Apple Watch Band Paint Touch Up Tutorial

Engraved Apple Watch Band Paint Touch Up Tutorial

Hey there! If you found yourself here it's probably because your apple watch band is losing its paint in the engraving! It’s ok! It’s easy to touch up and I'm going to show you how! 

First, let's go over some tips to make sure your paint lasts as long as possible. I'm super duper rough on my watch bands and I follow none of these recommendations and my paint still stays for quite awhile. I may lose a little bit on the ends where the design runs into the edge of the band closest to my wrist, but I'm ok with it. It is not really noticeable. Designs that are enclosed tend to fare better. 

  1. Take your band off when showering or swimming.
  2. Keep water, soap, harsh chemicals away from your band.
  3. Keep rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer away from your band. 

Okay, let’s get down to business. You don't need much, just some baby wipes, an oil based paint pen, and some paper towels to protect your surface. The oil based pens I personally use are by Artistro and I buy them on Amazon. ** Disclosure: I may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through this affiliate link. However, I would never recommend something that I wouldn't personally spend my own money on. Thanks! Click here to purchase!

You are going to want to make sure your band is clean, free of oils, or any other substance that would prevent the paint from adhering into the engrave. Before I fill a band with paint I use a little dish soap, rinse, and dry with a lint free cloth. Don’t use a paper towel to dry it off so you don't get fibers stuck under the paint. Allow your band to fully dry before starting to paint.


Alrighty, you have your materials, your band is dry, and you are ready to do this! Take your paint pen and shake it (Shake it like a salt shaker - Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, No? Just me? Ok, moving on). You want to make sure it's nice and mixed. Then prime it but pushing it down on a piece of paper until the tip is covered in paint. Now take it to your band and start coloring in the engraved parts. The goal is to just color in the bottom portion of the engrave. We are not trying to completely fill the engrave. I mix between dabbing the engrave and coloring it. 

After I get all the spots filled with color I let mine sit for about two minutes. Now you can get your baby wipes and start giving it a little scrubby scrubby. It requires a little bit of pressure and friction to get all the paint off the band. It took me about four wipes to get this one done. 

Don't forget to make sure you scrub the sides a little and check the back to make sure you got all the paint off from where it went through the holes. 

That's about it! It's a little easier to do when it's just a touch up. It's kinda fun and relaxing to do. Hop on over to my other blog post and make yourself a glass of my Peace, Love, & Pineapple Sangria before you get started! 

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